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    Privacy Policy

    Laus Deo takes care of protecting your personal data!

    Laus Deo (LAUS DEO d.o.o.) takes the protection of personal data very seriously and pays close attention to the protection of user information. Accordingly, we present you with this Privacy Policy in a transparent and easy to understand manner.

    This Privacy Policy details how we collect and use your data, so be sure to read the full text.


    Company Name: LAUS DEO D.O.O.
    Address: Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 217, Osijek
    Activity: 7022, Business and other management consultancy activities
    VAT ID: HR30740527897
    Contact details through which all information regarding the processing and the use of personal data can be obtained are the following :
    telephone number: +385 91 6327 203


    When you create a Laus Deo account, order one of the services or interact with the customer support, we collect the following personal data directly from you:

    • Name and surname
    • Company name
    • PIN(OIB)
    • Address
    • E-mail address
    • Telephone number
    • Username
    • Password
    • Bank account information (in case of a refund and during payment)
    • IP address of your computer/device


    Personal data protection implies that we may use your data only for certain reasons and that we must have a legal basis for it. We process the collected data solely for the purpose for which it was collected and your personal data may not be used for other purposes.

    Below are the reasons why we process your personal data:

    • Execution of the services we provide you with;
    • Identification when accessing the account;
    • Identification when providing customer support;
    • Making payments for our services;
    • Marketing purposes, with your explicit consent;
    • Provision of individualized services based on the information collected through cookies;
    • To comply with Laus Deo’s legal obligations;
    • If required by the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party.
    • Logging activities for security and quality improvement purposes.



    • You may choose not to share your personal information with us If you choose not to share your personal information with us, you will be able to browse our websites, but you will not be able to lease any of our services. Without the personal information, we cannot issue an invoice or provide a service.

    You can disable and/or delete cookies

    You can block cookies through your browser option and delete existing cookies from there. If you turn of cookies for Laus Deo website, you will be able to browse our website and use our services, but you will disable some options such as:

      • Remembering the contents of your cart
      • Remembering your login to the user system
      • The statistics we collect through Google Analytics that we use to track and improve our services

    You may request that we do not use your information for marketing purposes

    Since we need your consent to use your personal data for marketing purposes, you will not receive our marketing communications without it. In the event that you wish to withdraw your consent, you may withdraw it by editing your user profile on the user’s pages or by notifying Laus Deo at the following e-mail address:

    You may withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data

    If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you are entitled to withdraw the consent given at any time in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.


    We will provide you the above information without delay, and in any case within a maximum of one month from receipt of the request. In the event that we are unable to act on your request within the specified deadline, we will inform you of the reasons why we did not provide the information.


    You have the right to know what data we have and process

    As a data owner, you have the right to be informed about the following:

    • What data we store or process
    • Why we process it
    • Who we share the data with, if we share it
    • How long we keep your data
    • The source of your personal data in case you did not provide it yourself
    • Other rights related to your data

    You have the right to ask for your personal data to be rectified

    The accuracy of personal data is very important, so you can and should edit all your personal data through the Laus Deo user pages.

    You can also request a correction by e-mailing or opening a support query. In order to make the requested changes, we may ask you to verify your account ownership, such as phone number and/or e-mail address verification. In the event that we are unable to verify the ownership of the account, we may decline the request for data rectification.

    You have the right to request data transfer

    You can ask us for all your data that has been collected based on your consent, or in case the information has been collected by automated means in a format that can be easily entered into any system at any time. If you request a copy of your information, we will provide it to you in JSON format which allows you to easily extract and transfer the data you want to transfer.

    The transfer of data to third parties is conditional on the possibility for the third party to receive data in such format as well as other technical requirements that must be fulfilled in order to secure the safe transfer of data from Laus Deo to a third party. Laus Deo is under no obligation to transfer data to a third party if the above conditions are not met and if there is a risk of unauthorised eraser and/or loss of data or any other risk to data security.

    You have a right to the erasure of your data and the right to be forgotten

    If you are no longer an active user or have withdrawn your consent, or if you filed an objection or your personal data has been illegally collected, you may request us at any time to erase your personal data from our system. The exception is the data we must keep in order to comply with our obligations under the law (e.g. invoices issued) or to exercise and protect our rights and interests (e.g. forced collection of fees for our services).

    If you are still an active user of our services, erasure of data is not possible without cancelling the service itself. If you decide to cancel the service and erase all data, it will be done upon your written request stating your consent for the necessary activities.

    You have the right to request a restriction of your personal data processing

    You may request a restriction of the processing of your personal data until we correct personal data in our records, at your request. In the event that it has been determined that the personal data processing is illegal, but you do not want us to delete your data, and we do not need your data, but your request it in order to exercise and protect your rights and interests or you filed an objection to the processing of your personal data as long as the confirmation whether the Laus Deo’s legitimate interests exceed your interests is pending.

    You have the right to object to the collection of your personal data

    You have the right to object to the collection of your personal information if processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of Laus Deo, and then we will no longer be authorised to process your personal data unless we prove that there are legitimate reasons for processing that go beyond your rights and interests or if your personal data is necessary to establish, enforce or defend legal claims.


    Your personal data will be retained for as long as it is necessary in order for us to provide you with services and products you require. Once our relationship is terminated, your personal data (contact details, e-mails, orders, support inquiries and details of leased services) will automatically be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our system, unless we are required by applicable law to retain your personal information for a longer period or your personal data is necessary for us to establish, enforce or defend a legal claim, only to the extent necessary. To the extent possible, we will restrict the processing of your personal data for such limited purposes after the end of contractual relationship.


    Laus Deo does not sell, rent or lease personal data of users to third parties.
    Nevertheless, your information may be passed to a verified third party for the purpose of providing the services and billing themselves.

    Third parties (service providers) will process your personal information in accordance with Laus Deo instructions and under the applicable regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Act on the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws.
    We bring you a list of our partners below, with a detailed description of the information we share and the reasons behind sharing.

    Partner Data collected/shared Reasons

    Google Analytics
    (Privacy Policy)
    • Website usage information
    • Ordering and payment information
    • Cookies
    We use Google Analytics to track the use of our sites and services, and to create user activity reports in order to track the popularity of the services and to improve services themselves.

    • Contact details
    • Financial information
    CorvusPay payment gateway is a secure online credit card authorization system we use for the process of charging credit cards.

    (Privacy Policy)
    • Contact details
    • Financial information
    PayPal is a well-known online payment system.

    • Contact details
    CARNET is the registry of Croatian domains (.hr)

    Your data may be transmitted to third parties involved in the payment of fees for our services. The third parties mentioned may be payment providers and their service providers.
    Your data may be forwarded to the courts, competent authorities or institutions at their request or in the execution of a decision, judgment or other order and in other cases where the supply of personal data is prescribed by applicable regulations.


    Our website, as well as tools for analysing the use of our websites and services, use cookies stored in your browser, as well as other tracking technologies (hereinafter referred to as „cookies“) to identify you us a user and provide you with individualised services and possibilities of browsing our website, and to monitor the effectiveness of our services and our website and prevent potential fraud and other security threats.

    The devices you use to access our sites may collect certain information, including information about your location. You need to adjust the settings of your device to prevent this information from being collected.

    By adjusting the options of your internet browser or the device through which you access our sites, you can delete, turn off or disable certain cookies. If you delete, turn off or disable certain cookies, you will still have access to our website, but you may lose the ability to access and use certain services or features.

    When you first visit our website, you will have the opportunity to regulate cookies and to what extent you will allow the collection of information through cookies. Once you have determined the extent to which you consent to the collection of information through cookies, you can always change it as described above.

    No personal data is stored in cookies, and below we indicate which and what kind of cookies we use.


    There are two types of cookies:

    • Session cookies
      These are temporary cookies that are automatically deleted as soon as you switch off your browser.
      We use this type of cookie to allow access to the content after you log in to user pages and in the process of ordering services.
    • Persistent cookies
      Persistent cookies have an expiration date set, after which they are automatically deleted unless you delete them yourself through your browser settings.
    • We use this type of cookie to store more permanent information, such as the “Remember me” option when logging into user pages and to monitor your usage habits.

    Cookies do not contain personal information.


    We use third party external services to:

    • Monitor website traffic

    Laus Deo uses the Google Analytics service to track traffic.
    If you wish to disable cookies for this service, you can do so by clicking on this link.

    • Advertising
      For advertising and so-called remarketing, we use Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
      If you want to adjust your advertising settings, you can do so by clicking on this link.
      We use this type of service to store more permanent information, such as the “Remember me” option when logging into user pages and to monitor your usage habits.


    Laus Deo (LAUS DEO d.o.o.) store data in our rented data centres in the EU and continuously back it up. Our data centres are protected by physical access controls, anti-theft and fire systems and 24/7 professional security personnel.

    Please note the following:

    • You provide personal information at your own risk and it must be kept up to date
    • You are responsible for accessing the service and the Laus Deo portal. Keep your usernames and passwords safe!
    • If you think that your privacy has been compromised in any way, please contact our support as soon as possible!


    We are free to change the Privacy Policy from time to time to bring it into line with changes in our business, manner and/or type of service, and changes in applicable regulations. We will notify you of any changes in a timely manner before they are published on our website and they shall apply from the day of their publication.


    Complaints regarding the processing of personal data may be submitted to the Agency for Personal Data Protection, Martićeva 14, Zagreb, at or by telephone 01 4609-000.